WLTH is proud to introduce our Affiliate program! This program features a way for you to make money while simply wearing our clothes!!

You don't have to be an athlete to apply, we're looking for anyone that has a passion for fitness, healthy living, or just feels that they'd be a good fit to represent our brand. Send in an application and once approved you'll recieve an email from us to set you up to track your funds!

Fill out the form below to apply! For more details about our program read below:

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Three Tier system: Our 3 tier system allows everyone to start as a brand ambassador and work their way up to becoming a WLTH Partner and then eventually WLTH Family. 

    Tier 1: WLTH Brand Ambassador

    This is where EVERYONE starts.

      Tier 2: WLTH Partner 

      (invite only, DM the @welovethehate instagram, or you meet this criteria--> )

        Tier 3: WLTH Family

        (invite only or you meet this criteria--> )

          ADDITIONAL BENEFITS For Everyone:

          Your personal dashboard login:  Here you can track your discount code uses and total amount you’ve earned from sales. If you’re participating in the referral program, you’ll be able to see your extra 10-15% commission (depending on ambassador or partnership) generated from your referrals sales as well.


          Login Page---> click HERE for the Refersion Login Page


          PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM AND PROMOTIONS INBOX for our email after registering!! Thank you!!