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Gallery and Community

Ethan Anderson
USC Basektball

     Growing up in the basketball world there are people constantly trying to tell you who to be and what is wrong with the way you play. With constant hate in my life and being told I'd never play basketball at the college level I decided to play for me and t run my own race. Thanks to some amazing people in my life it's been working out pretty well. Embrace the hate and outgrow it."

Ethans Instagram

Max Agbonkpolo
USC Basektball

      From the early days kids would always question and doubt my basketball abilities. They would say: Can you touch the net? Ok, but can you touch the rim? Yeah, but can you dunk? You'll never start on a HS team! You don't have any big offers! Just becuase you're tall, doesn't mean you can really play!
    Well I did all that and more. Now the same kids are texting me and letting me know they saw me playing in an NCAA tournament. Yeah, I love the hate"

Max's Instagram